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Optimal Living Services

Health is a dynamic state in which one is able to function well physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. In such an optimal state of health we are then able to express the full range of our unique potentialities. Using a combination of coaching, somatic pre- and perinatal therapy, bodywork, energy and healing principles and skills I support you in bringing health to your whole system in order for you to live your most purposeful and optimum life!

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Personal Sessions

A belief I have is that you have all the answers for your right life somewhere inside you. The foremost way I can serve you is through listening without judgement, with presence and an open heart. Empathic listening means going beyond the spoken words to hear what is yet unsaid; inviting the spoken and unspoken needs, desires, thoughts and emotions to arise and to be understood. This creates a connection built on trust and facilitates a space of self-realisation, healing and path-finding. From that place, a variety of tools can be used to support you achieve your goals.

I would be privileged to support you in living a life of intrinsic health and purpose. Let me take a stand for you as you live life as a natural expression of your inner brilliance. Say YES to yourself, to your loved ones and to all those you touch. You do not need to walk this path alone.

Stones of Meaning
Young Family

Couple & Family Sessions

Pre- and Perinatal psychotherapy posits that the unborn child is a conscious, sentient and aware being, and that learning and remembering takes place in the womb. Early trauma, emotional or physical, can occur anytime during conception, gestation, birth, the events following birth and the bonding and attachment phases. It can leave restrictive imprints in the nervous system and affect future behaviours, emotions, belief systems, psychological orientations and physical health and well-being.

Pre and Perinatal therapy supports the development of successful strategies and interventions to help babies, children and families heal and release negative and/or restrictive imprints from those early periods.

I will use a variety of energetic, somatic and therapeutic approaches to support you in resolving prenatal, birth and other early trauma while facilitating the development of compassionate relationships, the healthy growth of children and effective parenting and family systems. I work with individuals, families, and couples preparing to conceive.

Thriving In Service

As a helper, do you feel stuck in an aspect of your service and career? Or, have you reached an impasse with a client and feel unclear about how to proceed? Or maybe you feel the burdens of your role, without a safe space to debrief or share your challenges and successes? Or, do you know you have more in you to offer to the world and feel unable to reach as far as you’d like?

I am a better helper when I avail myself of the support of others and when I work as part of a team the magic that is created is exponentially larger than all of us put together. Napoleon Hill explains how in a mastermind we can accomplish more in one month than alone in one year. I am offering this group coaching series as a safe and expansive space to support the authentic growth of your service in collaboration and harmony with the group.  

If something here speaks to you or intrigues you then please do reach out and I’d be happy to have a chat and explore how this space might serve you.



  • 3 monthly online sessions of 1.5 hours each

  • Each session is tailored to your intentions and questions

  • Group size is restricted to 6 participants

Hand Holding a Plant

This journey with Fayenen and the group came at such a perfect time for me when I was ripe and ready to make a profound shift.  I couldn't have predicted what I got out of the experience because I was supported to get outside of my box, and approach things I've been going in circles about for years in a fresh, new way.  I have so much trust in Fayenen’s ability to be playful and warm while also holding powerful space for just the right challenge or perspective that nudges me out of my comfort zone into spaciousness!  I am full of gratitude that I jumped on the opportunity to work with her and the group.”

~ Sarah Thompson

Fayenen's coaching supervisions groups are hard to describe, because they really supported me on all levels.  I arrived into the sessions having practical questions about the next steps in my coaching practice, desire for accountability and support on some development commitments, and a knowing that I needed support to ensure I stepped towards thriving and away from burnout.  Miraculously all of my questions got aired with answers discovered! I'm still not sure how we achieved that over our 3-month journey, however I'm deeply grateful to Fayenen for bringing her wisdom, experience and coaching presence to enable it to unfold. Fayenen brought a powerful intention setting structure to make sure we focused on what mattered to us, as well as supporting us to connect into our own flow and resourcefulness.  I'm sure my fellow coaching group members would agree that magic happened, and each session left us nurtured and inspired, ready to step up in what mattered to each of us.

~ Clare Russell: 

Women's leadership coach

I am profoundly grateful to have taken part in this intention based group coaching series. The small group format created an intimate and sacred vessel that provided a safe space where I could personally move forward with momentum - both for myself as an individual and as a group. There is a special magic that happens when individuals come together with clear purpose and open hearted reciprocity and Fayenen is a warm, genuine and expert facilitator. She lends her wealth of experience and mastery of personal growth, coaching and healing modalities and principles for the benefit of the collective participants.

~ Vrinda Aguilera

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